Getting Closer…

Well…we survived the dance recital and the girls all did great. I was a really big weekend for everyone as we were celebrating some birthdays in there too…but we made it through. I, personally, am really glad it’s over.

Now…we are on to Daniel’s birthday on Friday. **18**! Yikes!

Graduation party is 2.5 weeks away. Today I made 60 barbecue buns and the cake! That felt good to get done. I also made a slide show of pictures featuring Daniel. It just occurred to me as I was writing this that I could upload the slide show and post it here so I will have to do that. The music I placed on the slide show had me bawling my fool eyes out. Hopefully I will NOT do that at the party!

Good news! Lora and the kids will be here for the party! I am very excited about this because it means that they will be here for two weeks! Yay!

Oh, one more thing! I heartily recommend stressing yourself out like a crazy person. It works almost as well as best diet pills! Honestly…the stress is killing me!

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