No…I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth…

…just unbelievably busy! Quick recap:

We have been busy with some extensive landscaping in our front and side yards (including cement pouring of most of our sidewalk, grass seeding, pulling up an existing walk along the side yard and trying to decide what we are going to do! The final consensus is a garden! I’m so excited! It’s a little unorthodox having it in a side yard, but hey…when we got right down to it and crunched the numbers we just decided we would much rather spend the money on something that would give back instead of just pouring more concrete that we will have to shovel! So…right now the plan is to spend Mother’s Day rototilling! Yay!

Daniel had a SOAR appointment on Monday at college and we got him all signed up for classes. At this point he is taking 12 credits and still has time to add another class if he decides he wants to. He is spending almost every spare minute with Jessica now-a-days and things seem to be heating up there…GULP.

The girls are all getting ready for the annual dance recital. Wanna see some beautiful pics? ‘Course you do!

The recital is May 17 so we are in the final prep and countdown to this big day for the girls.

We are also planning an Open House graduation party on June 7 so this is high on my list of priorities. I am hoping to get invitations in the mail before the postage rates change! Best get hopping on this!

Today was spent on the semi-annual clothing switch. Yep…one of my least favorite things…cleaning out closets and dressers and putting away things that are outgrown, putting away out of season clothing, and getting out the new season’s stuff. Blech! I’m tuckered.

Ball practices start this week, we have signed up for summer school, and are planning on participating in the library program. I think we have about 5 weeks of regular school left so we’ll be continuing on into June unfortunately. We have three birthdays coming up fast, too. Michael will be 10 next week, Daniel will be 18 the week after, and Isaiah will be 3 in about a month! Anyway…this brings us mostly up to date. I think by the time we are done with all of this I am so seriously going to need a break it won’t be funny.

I’ll try to stay updated here, though. Look for more pics!

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