Summer Shoes

It’s time for one of my very favorite rites of spring! Summer shoes! Have you seen some of these cute Dansko slides they have this year? I could totally see a couple pairs of these for hanging out at the pool. I just can’t imagine going into the summer season without at least one […]

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New Ceiling Fans

It seems that in the midst of all of the outside work we have been doing that we are also going to have to take a close look at a few interior items as well. One thing that is on my mind this summer is ceiling fans. I would really like to replace all of […]

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Best Insurance Rates?

Daniel is needing to get his first auto insurance policy very soon. I would be very interested in any helpful insurance leads that any readers might have as far as auto insurance for a young male driver. Daniel needs to find the most affordable insurance possible and quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions for a […]

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What to Get…What to Get…

I am struggling with what to get Daniel for his gradation gift. I want it to be something that he will be able to use at school this fall and from what I saw when we took a tour of his school several weeks ago, laptops are strongly encouraged for students to have. So…I’m […]

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My Baby is a Man…

Daniel turned 18 today. He had a great day I think.
Got his driver’s license, went to school, spent the afternoon with Jess, went to a organizational meeting for the upcoming pool season, and we had a nice family dinner. I made his favorite cake and we grilled.
I got the garden planted, too! Woot!
I will […]

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Time to Cut Some Corners

We have been tightening up the belts in our house to trim and streamline the budget. No, it’s not fun but when the money just won’t stretch there is not much choice. One thing we typically look at several times a year is our different insurance premiums and coverage. Often when you look around a […]

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Getting Closer…

Well…we survived the dance recital and the girls all did great. I was a really big weekend for everyone as we were celebrating some birthdays in there too…but we made it through. I, personally, am really glad it’s over.
Now…we are on to Daniel’s birthday on Friday. **18**! Yikes!
Graduation party is 2.5 weeks away. Today […]

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Plugging Along…

Things are slowly coming along. I got all of Daniel’s graduation party invitations in the mail on Friday. The new garden area is cultivated and the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are all in. Whew! I am soooooooooooooo tired. We have two band concerts down and one to go next week.
Still to do this […]

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No…I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth…

…just unbelievably busy! Quick recap:
We have been busy with some extensive landscaping in our front and side yards (including cement pouring of most of our sidewalk, grass seeding, pulling up an existing walk along the side yard and trying to decide what we are going to do! The final consensus is a garden! […]

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