Time to Lighten Up…

…the beds, that is! Do you have seasonal bedding? I am so blessed to have a warm wool quilt that my mom made for our bed several years ago. This quilt keeps us toasty all winter long. Now as we are approaching May, I start to think about putting it away for the season and getting out our lighter cotton quilt that I made for us many years ago. This quilt was actually my first big quilt project and I made a Bethlehem Star. I had purchased everything necessary to make the quilt years before and it had always been one of those “ultimate” projects that you kind of have to work yourself up toward tackling. One year I finally did it and it has served us well for almost ten years now! Getting on to heirloom status, I guess.

This is more than a quilt to me, though. It is a tangible reminder that you can set goals and then rest on them while you work yourself up to being ready to achieve them. This just makes them all the more sweet when you finally realize these goals!

I think I may treat us to some new bed wedges this spring. I was just looking at these and they look so comfy for when you are lounging in bed…which I do NOT do often enough! LOL

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