The Saga of WhitePaws

I don’t think I have mentioned the little visitor that we have had mostly the pleasure of having for the last month or so outside. My hubby is deathly allergic to cats…but about a month ago we suddenly had a cat show up at our doorstep and make himself at home. He appeared hungry, so we fed him and that was all it took to encourage him to stay (and stay, and stay!). Now he’s decided he likes us. He purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and purrs whenever anyone is outside…he rubs up against their legs…he meows and talks to us. We’ve bought him a food dish, a water dish, a toy, some food…the only thing I have restrained myself from looking at is pet beds. Anyway…the kids named him “WhitePaws” and it looks like he is here to stay! The best of both worlds…a cat for the kids, yet he isn’t inside to aggravate hubby’s allergies.

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