You Wanna See Beautiful?

Lora had family pics taken yesterday. Here are some highlights. I have a personal favorite…but I won’t reveal it until the very end.

Aren’t they great?
Can you guess which one is my favorite? Can you? Yes? No? Well…my favorite is none other than this one:

For the simple reason that this is a […]

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Time to Lighten Up…

…the beds, that is! Do you have seasonal bedding? I am so blessed to have a warm wool quilt that my mom made for our bed several years ago. This quilt keeps us toasty all winter long. Now as we are approaching May, I start to think about putting it away for the season […]

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Fat Burner?

Here’s a tried and true fat burner if anyone is interested…survive a Wisconsin winter! I actually find myself lighter this spring than I was in the fall and the only explanation was I spent the winter trying to stay warm! Maybe this could be the natural alternative to something like Betastax. It wasn’t […]

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The Saga of WhitePaws

I don’t think I have mentioned the little visitor that we have had mostly the pleasure of having for the last month or so outside. My hubby is deathly allergic to cats…but about a month ago we suddenly had a cat show up at our doorstep and make himself at home. He appeared hungry, so […]

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