Prom 2009

Prom last night! I went over for the Grand March and was so glad I did. What a special night for those kids. I snagged a spot right up front that was close enough to get some pretty decent pictures and then got a few more after the Grand March was over. Off they went […]

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Celebrating Birthdays Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day around here. We have Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Gary coming down to continue the birthday festivities. We are combining a celebration of Abby’s and my birthdays. I actually have a cake in the oven right now of my own creation. It ended up being a pineapple cake and it […]

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You Wanna See Beautiful?

Lora had family pics taken yesterday. Here are some highlights. I have a personal favorite…but I won’t reveal it until the very end.

Aren’t they great?
Can you guess which one is my favorite? Can you? Yes? No? Well…my favorite is none other than this one:

For the simple reason that this is a […]

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Time to Lighten Up…

…the beds, that is! Do you have seasonal bedding? I am so blessed to have a warm wool quilt that my mom made for our bed several years ago. This quilt keeps us toasty all winter long. Now as we are approaching May, I start to think about putting it away for the season […]

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Fat Burner?

Here’s a tried and true fat burner if anyone is interested…survive a Wisconsin winter! I actually find myself lighter this spring than I was in the fall and the only explanation was I spent the winter trying to stay warm! Maybe this could be the natural alternative to something like Betastax. It wasn’t […]

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The Saga of WhitePaws

I don’t think I have mentioned the little visitor that we have had mostly the pleasure of having for the last month or so outside. My hubby is deathly allergic to cats…but about a month ago we suddenly had a cat show up at our doorstep and make himself at home. He appeared hungry, so […]

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Daniel just informed us yesterday that he is going to Prom this year. Seeing that the big night is two weeks from last night, I think we need to get a move on here! Tux, corsages, dinner, transportation…I don’t know if I can contain the excitement!
I’d love to hear your motherhood prom stories, if […]

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Birthday's Are A'Comin' Again…

We are entering into another birthday season here with Abby’s birthday kicking off the festivities on Sunday. After that, we’ll have mine, then Michael’s, Daniel’s, and Isaiah’s before we are done for a few more months. Add to that a graduation party and the fact that Daniel’s birthday will be his **18th** and you can […]

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Let the Baking Begin…

I am so behind on my baking for this time of year. For some reason, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated and the kids finally gave me a kick in the behind yesterday that made me wake up and realize what day it is! I have got a TON of stuff to make and […]

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That is what greeted me this morning a few minutes ago. I answered the phone expecting to hear my daughter’s voice (according to the CallerID)…
but instead a little voice said, “Hi!”
and I was talking to little 2-year-old Ava. She told me that she was watching her “show” and that Mama was with baby. I […]

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