Track for Daniel

Well…this week has been quite a roller coaster. Daniel came home from school a week ago saying he had signed up for track. We expressed some surprise at this announcement, because our understanding had been that part-time students were not allowed to participate in the sporting program. We proceeded with his plan however, and he got ready to start practices on Monday.

Monday, we got the word that he would not be able to participate as we had originally thought due to his part-time student status.

What ensued from this has been the roller coaster part. Who knew that the kid wanted to do track as much as he does? The bottom line is that we started to explore what was involved in putting him in school full time so that he can participate in these last few months before he graduates. Unfortunately, the school superintendent has not wanted to accommodate us. At this point we are looking at going over this man’s head to the Department of Public Instruction. Our understanding is that the school has to accept Daniel as a student if we choose to put him in school.

Wow! Who knew the level of bureaucracy? It is unreal. Unfortunately, most of this experience has only confirmed what we already believed about the public school system and their bottom line. It is NOT students. It is NOT kids. It is MONEY. Very disappointing.

So…stay tuned. We have one more option that we are contemplating to try to make this a reality for Daniel.

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