Website Review

Come browse an interesting blog and see the many different titles of free software that you can download with free licenses included.
All that is asked in return for one free download is a review of the site on your blog. This seems to be one of those deals that you really cannot beat. So I […]

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Spring Makes Me Think…

…about getting rid of the old flannels! I’ve been huddling under the electric blanket all winter in my fleecy flannels. Whew! It has been a long winter for me. Now that winter is backing off a bit and spring seems to be getting a stronghold I am thinking about fun things […]

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Busy Week Ahead

Stopping in here quickly to catch my breath before we are off and running this week. We have appointments every day I think, most notably Lora, Chad, Ava, and Kelvin will arrive Thursday morning! Yay! Cannot wait to see them.
Daniel has a placement test scheduled Wednesday afternoon that is supposed to take FOUR […]

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Happy Birthday Ava Loren!

Princess Ava is TWO years old today!  You know what this means, right?  YEP…I’ve been a Grammie for two whole years! Princess Ava was born two years ago this evening and check out how she’s grown over the short course of her little life!

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New Library

We had an exciting week with the opening our our city’s brand new library. On Tuesday, we attended the official ribbon-cutting ceremony and then were able to visit the library for the first time. This library project has been years in the making and the city broke ground for the new library about a year […]

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One More Acceptance!

Daniel’s third and final college acceptance came in the mail yesterday. I am just so proud of this kid, I can’t even tell you! Three universities applied to and three acceptances! This for a kid who has been homeschooled (except for electives in high school) throughout his entire life.
Computer science is his […]

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Track for Daniel

Well…this week has been quite a roller coaster. Daniel came home from school a week ago saying he had signed up for track. We expressed some surprise at this announcement, because our understanding had been that part-time students were not allowed to participate in the sporting program. We proceeded with his plan however, and he […]

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The Beast Lives!

Did I mention that Daniel finally got The Beast up and running? The entire building and configuring process took about a week…and for a few days in there he was really struggling with some technical difficulties…but as of now everything seems to be working well.
Now he is having fun shopping for accessories like plasma […]

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Potty Training Woes

A small update on the potty training progress for anyone who is interested. Unfortunately, Isaiah developed a case of intestinal flu and has been battling diarrhea for the last several days. Not only has this made using the potty a challenge for him, but his little bum is very sore. These two factors […]

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Gasp…Potty Training My Baby!

All of a sudden yesterday Isaiah decided to potty train! Can you believe it?
Once I sat down to actually think about it, I realized that I have had at least one child in diapers for almost 18 years (Lora was out of diapers before Daniel was born). Please…don’t anyone try to figure out […]

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