Building The "Beast"

What a name, huh? That is the name Daniel has dubbed the new computer he is building. He is building this thing from scratch and he’s pretty excited about it. To hear him tell, the Beast will be able to do some awesome feats.
So…for the last week or so, various components have […]

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Spring Jobs

Even though it is still dastardly cold where I live, I find that my mind is starting to turn toward spring thoughts. The sun seems to be shining a little more brightly and the days are getting noticeably longer already.
I can hardly wait for warm weather…even if it does mean that I am going […]

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iPhone Accessories

Have I mentioned that I am thinking that I want an iPhone? Yep…me…an iPhone! Surprise you? Well, anyone who knows me actually isn’t that surprised. I’m a tekkie at heart I think.
Anyway, along with an iPhone, of course I would need some of those way cool iphone accessories. I can’t […]

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Application Update

Daniel received his second acceptance in the mail yesterday.  So far he is batting 1000.  I’m so proud of him.
I also received a call from a homeschool liason person at the third school he applied to.  They actually have a staff person who’s entire job description is handling homeschool applicants.  Does this tell us anything?  […]

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