Social Network for Redheads

Logo5I have known a few redheads over the years and one thing they all have in common is that they are INTENSE. Whatever their passion, they feel it with every fiber of their beings. One of my best friends in grade school had red hair and green eyes and she was one of the most squirrelly kids I have ever known. Even back then when I was a squirrelly kid, I thought she was extra squirrelly!

What a cool thing. Here is a place for redheads to hang out together online! What on earth will they think of next? I suppose if I were a redhead, I might have to hop over there and see what was up. Heck…I think I am going to have to hop over there and see what is up even though I’m a brunette.

They say it is a social network for redheads and redhead lovers…so I guess that could encompass just about anyone. I think redheads are cool, so I’d fit in! What do you think? Is this worth a peek? I’d say so!


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