Ways to Reduce Debt

The global financial crisis is sure raising the consciousness of personal and corporate debt, isn’t it?  It seems like everyone is either thinking and/or talking about ways to tighten the belt and cut corners.  It can seem overwhelming…but reducing expenses and debt doesn’t have to be a painful process.  Here are five simple ways to […]

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Thought For Today

Balance in life is indicated by a sense of well-being, optimism and a clear conscience.
The way to achieve this is to make one’s mind peaceful, loving and thoughtful. When this is achieved, you will instinctively know how much time to spend on yourself and how much time to spend fulfilling other responsibilities.
You can only […]

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Your Monthly Miracle

Stem cells are the wave of the future. There is so much promise and potential for healing embedded within these life-saving little miracles it is amazing.
Here’s what’s even more amazing, though. These life-saving stem cells are naturally in menstrual blood! Thanks to C’elle’s ground-breaking technology women now have the ability to collect […]

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I've Been Dabbling…

…in a brand new hobby (for me anyway). I’ve long been admiring and drooling over all the the lovely beading and jewelry that many of the bloggers that I drop ECs on every day make. If you have never seen some of the lovely jewelry that people can make these days, you really […]

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Hotels Combined Helps You Save Time and Money

http://www.hotelscombined.com is a very useful comparison website that can perform searches of over twenty top travel sites at one time. This is a great tool to use to save some money in this difficult economy.
This site will help you to find the best rates and after searching it displays the needed information on one […]

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At The Halfway Point!

How can it be? We started the second semester of our homeschooling year today. Seems quite unbelievable to me. Even more unbelievable is the fact that this is Daniel’s final semester before graduation. He’ll be turning 18 and graduating all on the same weekend in May. I have no early […]

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Equestrian Cupid

Back when Lora was a teenager she went through a period of several years where she lived and breathed horses. That girl learned everything she could about them. She rode whenever she could and she even had a horse that she “adopted” for a year that lived on a farm out in the […]

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Thought For Today

Embrace Change
When we are aware and accept that everything around us is constantly changing we can embrace change instead of fighting it.
Change is a like a river…constantly flowing and moving things around. The river that is life is constantly bringing new ideas, people, and situations. Each one is an opportunity to be enriched or […]

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ST. Xavier's Masters Degree Online Programs

I think it is exciting the way the internet has opened up a whole new world of options in education. Imagine that now someone who currently holds a bachelor’s degree from a accredited college or university can pursue a MS nursing degree online!
This is a high quality graduate program with faculty that are respected […]

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So…What Do You Think?

You’re probably getting tired of all of the upheaval around this blog…maybe? I think I’ve changed themes three or four times over the last week or so. Believe me, I have really been through the wringer with this blog, I tell you.
That is…until I found PixelGeek Designs and designer Melisa Nishi. Last […]

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