Wheelchair Lifts

I see more and more wheelchair lifts attached to vehicles and I am always gratified to see these neat contraptions enabling disabled people to have independence and many of the freedoms that a lot of us take for granted.
A vehicle wheelchair lift is used to make transporting a mobility vehicle, like a wheelchair or mobility […]

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22 Years Ago Tonight…

…my water broke and we were on our way to the hospital to become first time parents!!!!!!
It’s so surreal how something that seems so long ago can still have such vivid memories that seem so near and close. I remember so many details about the next 24 hours between my water breaking and finally […]

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Got a New Years Resolution Yet?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that many people who may be reading this are contemplating trying to lose a little weight in the new year. I’ve been there, too…needing to shed a few pounds and deciding to use the motivation of a brand new calendar year to get […]

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A Quiet Day…

In case anyone has wondered or noticed the lack of Christmas wishes coming from me and my blog…we do not celebrate Christmas in our family because we take our beliefs from the literal word of the Bible and since Christmas is not explicitly directed or outlined in the Bible we do not keep it.
I do […]

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