Winter Escape Package

How about we talk about taking a little winter getaway? I’m up for it! The snow is really piling up outside my house right now. Seven inches in almost finished falling for today and tomorrow morning another seven is set to dump! Almost unbelievable if it weren’t actually happening.
Anyway, this is […]

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UGH – How Can This Be?

Definitely NOT what I had planned for today…but I am feeling the old familiar hints of mastitis setting in. I think I need to curl up under my heated throw with a stack of magazines and veg for the night. I do not want to be sick right now!!!!!!!!!!!

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Family Movie Nights

We love movie night in our house. We pop some popcorn (or most recently, I make up a big batch of caramel corn…YUM!), we gather around the television, and we settle in for a good old fashioned movie. With the large variation of ages we have, it can be hard to find something […]

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