The Autism Support Network for Families with ASD

Autism is one of the most devastating heartbreaks that I think a parent can know. I can’t even imagine how awful it must be to have to watch your child suffer with the difficulties of this disorder.
Listen to some of these statistics. If this doesn’t strike home the realities of this disability, then […]

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Thought For Today

Happiness is the art of living and the purpose of one’s existence. This is the true index of the quality of life.
Without happiness life is meaningless. With happiness life is fulfilling and wonderful. Happiness is a contagious feeling that lifts sagging spirits. Happy people keep themselves happy by knowing the little ways to see […]

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Shoe Shopping At Its Best

Shoes…I confess they are one of my weaknesses. Harmless in most respects…except the pocketbook can be negatively impacted, that is for sure!
My dear hubby will attest to the fact that my vast shoe collection takes up about 90% of our closet floor. I can’t help it! Shopping for a great pair of […]

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There’s almost nothing more to say about THAT! Except that it’s 10 below right now and the sun is shining brightly! Hubby and I decided to brave the snow and cold last night and we went shopping TOGETHER…ALONE! It was nice. I didn’t have to drive and we got away together.
Now, […]

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