Twit Me!

I have been experimenting with some updates on my blogs over the last day. All of my blogs have now been updated to WordPress 2.7 and so far I really like it! The dashboard is really different and so far I am enjoying the new look. I also like some of the […]

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Let's Go Somewhere Warm!

About this time of year, both hubby and I are starting to think long and hard about what the heck we are doing here in Wisconsin! It is soooo cold and tomorrow we are supposed to get 10-13 inches of more snow dumped on us!
What on earth were we thinking when we decided […]

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Thought For Today

The Spirit of Generosity
Generosity means more than just giving. It is also cooperating with others. The greatest act of generosity is to see past the weaknesses of others and help them to recognize how important they are. Strive to give this kind of generosity to someone today!

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Online Door Designer Helps You Choose the Perfect Door

Something I have wanted to do for a while is replace some of the doors on our home. There is something so striking about a nice, quality door on the front of a house that leads into the home.
It’s hard to know exactly what will work or what style you will be happy with, […]

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What an Angel

I just love this picture of Lora and Kelvin. What a little sweetie! Three years ago today Lora and Chad were married. Now in that time they have settled and had two kids! So blessed.
Can’t wait to see them in about a week and a half!

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