If You Like Sweet Potatoes…

…oh MY…have I got a treat for you today!
My mom brought these sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner…we had leftovers and I ate them every day after Thanksgiving until they were gone…I just went nuts over these sweet potatoes for some reason. I finally asked her for the recipe and she just gave it to […]

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Save On Prescriptions

Since Kelvin has been born, I have watched Lora struggle with issues involved in diagnosing and treating his reflux. I have never had a baby or child who needed daily medication like that, so I have been so fortunate not to have to deal with figuring out how to pay for it or how […]

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Yearning for Yarn

I am in the middle of my regular yard addiction. It seems to hit me hard every winter for whatever reason.
Yesterday while hubby and I were out running errands, I told him I needed to stop at Joann’s for some yarn. Being the regular kind of guy he is, he opted to stay […]

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Allergy Alert System

As a family that has environmental sensitivities, allergies, and even asthma-like symptoms to many different triggers, it seems like I frequently have my eye on the weather to try to guess how my sensitive family members are going to be feeling in the near future.
Ruthie comes mainly to mind as that poor girl spends a […]

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Baby, It's Cold…

In spite of the cold this morning, I managed to get my shopping done as quickly as possible.  When I looked at the weather for the entire week, it looked like it really had to be this morning or risk not getting in to town until Thursday.  We are in for another round of snow […]

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