Special New Glasses

Shhhhhhhhh…I’m going to let you in on a silly secret of mine that has been becoming more and more pronounced over the last year or so. I don’t wear glasses…but darn! I sure wish I did a lot of the time. Especially when I see such cute and fashionable frames that people […]

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Let It Snow!

The snows have begun for the winter much the same way they did last winter.  December 1 and we had our first real, measurable, shovable snowfall last night and this morning.  It was actually quite pretty…enough to cover all of the grass, but yet not so much that it was overwhelming to our shovelers.
All of […]

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Cruiser Customizing

Are you customizing a cruiser? If so then one component you are sure to need is one of those snazzy memphis shades. They come in great colors and various shapes and sizes to fit every need and want. This is a great place to shop for motorcycle parts!

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Looky! Isn't it Pretty?

My parents just splurged and bought me a new cookware set (Cuisinart stainless steel…grin) and I needed a new rack to store all the pretty stuff…hubby hung it for me then night before Thanksgiving. Isn’t it gorgeous? I sigh happily every time I walk into my kitchen now…another grin!

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Cape Cod Rentals Are Affordable and Luxurious!

I don’t know about you, but when we are vacationing the idea of staying in a hotel with our family is anything BUT a pleasant proposition. First of all…for us we would be talking about at least two rooms (which is expensive!) and I just do not enjoy the limitations that one has to […]

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Our Explosive Afternoon

I saw another mommy blogger talking about some of the neat toys and kits she had found at Kobold Toys and because I’m such a sucker for anything that looks like it may be both fun AND educational, I had to check this site out. Well…let’s just say that my kids are sure glad […]

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