Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of my blogging buddies, readers, and EC droppers a wonderful holiday. May you all have an abundance of things to be thankful for throughout the coming year! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with special blessings.

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Are You Stressed?

There is help!
Dr. Stress (Dr. Kathleen Hall) and The Stress Institute can give you solutions for stress management, work/life balance, sustainability and mindful living. The Stress Institute serves corporations, non-profits and individuals.
The Stress Institute employs many respected physicians and professionals and they can help prevent and treat a wide variety of conditions.
Dr. Hall is […]

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Thought For Today

Appreciate The Gift
When you open your eyes in the morning, take a moment to sit and appreciate the gift of this new day. Create a peaceful thought and try to remember to enjoy a moment or two of silence throughout the your day. Seeing each day as a gift will give you an […]

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Par Mates at Las Vegas Golf Courses

Have you ever heard of Par Mates? I had not…so here are the details and if you are a golfer, maybe you’ll be interested in this. Par Mates is a Female Caddy Service offered by Las Vegas Golf Courses.
These are very attractive young ladies who act as hostesses for the golfers, doing a […]

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Thanksgiving Preparations

How are your Thanksgiving preparations coming? I’m happy to say that I am humming right along and have most of my preparation work finished.
So far I have:

Made 4 pies
Made the cranberries
Made the dinner rolls
Made the cornbread for the stuffing
Cubed the bread for the other stuffing
Made the marinade for the turkeys
Finished all the shopping
Made the […]

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Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

Time is starting to run out, but there is still time to head over to Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale and shop for some amazing deals.
A source of great annoyance to me over the last month or so is the fact that my bagless vacuum that is only a little over a year old is starting to […]

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Just Look at These Two!

Lora had Kelvin and Ava in for pictures last week. I guess it was not the best photo shoot, but they got through it. That’s kind of the way it goes with a two month old, if memory serves. Not usually the best photo session you will have. This one cracks […]

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Custom T-Shirts

Daniel and I were shopping on Sunday when one thing led to another and we were sifting through t-shirts trying to find a good one for both he and David. Have you done this recently? I have to tell you that I was quite shocked by some of the messages on t-shirts that […]

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Tagged Again!

Tagged again – this time by Courtney. Thanks for thinking of me, Courtney!
OK – this one looks like it will require a bit of thought so here goes. I guess I will just ramble on and try not to scare anyone too much with anything too random or weird about me…LOL
1. I […]

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Acobox Helps Your Posts Pop with Pictures!

I try really hard to use at least one picture for every blog post that I write. I think it really adds a lot of interest to any writing and just makes a post so much more enjoyable to read.
I wrote about Acobox about a month ago and their service for finding blog pictures. […]

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