Choose the Best Web Host with Host Monster Review

Already Hosting offers free web hosting reviews and articles that will help you figure out what web hosting service is the best fit for your internet needs. They also have news and even coupon codes that will help you save the most money possible.
Hostmonster Review is a great site to use to streamline this […]

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Tekkie Odds and Ends

Well…all-in-all I’m pretty happy with how my plans for staying connected while away have gone. I have been able to use my phone as a modem to have internet connection on my laptop while we have been driving. This has made it possible to continue to blog and do all of the things […]

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Dino's Amazing Hits!

Any Dean Martin fans reading?
Here’s a great deal for a set called Martin at the Sands. This set includes 48 great hits including: ‘That’s Amore’, ‘Volare’, ‘Return To Me’, ‘Cha ChaCha d’Amour’, ‘Young And Foolish’, ‘Memories Are Made Of This’ and ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’. These hits are full of memories […]

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More Pics Yet!

More pictures to share…these were from a swim party we went to while in Tucson.

Isaiah and Michael in the pool

They played and played and played!

Abby being a bit more timid.

She did finally get in, though!

Ruthie is anything BUT timid in the pool!

Once she was in, Abby had a blast!

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Losing Weight – What's Your Way?

There must be thousands of weight loss methods, out there. There sure seems to be something for everyone – however they choose to lose their weight. Many people decide to go the diet pill route. I have never tried this, so I don’t know how effective or prudent it is…but I know […]

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Weight Loss Struggles and Options

A homeschool mom I know has been struggling to lose her most recent baby weight for several months and is beginning to get frustrated. A few weeks ago she told me she was at the point of trying something like alli to get herself jumpstarted. I admit that I don’t know anything about […]

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Heading EAST!

After spending two days in St. George, Utah, we are finally packing up today ad heading home.  We plan a small stop in Grand Junction to visit with friends for dinner tonight…but after that we are MAKING TRACKS.
As a aside…hubby and I LOVED St. George.  The climate is perfect and this city is very nice.  […]

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Dragon Has So Many Uses

Type at $150 Words Per Minute for $99! Does that interest you? I know it got my attention right away. Any tool I could use that would make me more effective and would increase the quality and quantity of my blog posts is something I find myself wanting to try very much. […]

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I Can't Believe I Forgot to Tell You About Our Miracle Berries!

Have you heard of Miracle Berries? Those Africa berries that coat your taste buds and make everything you eat for several hours after eating one sweet?
I found out about these last spring, but they were so expesive that I put off buying any. Finally I decided to get some before we left for […]

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Dr. Martin Sands – Dermatology Associates

If you are anywhere near the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, then perhaps you are familiar with Martin Sands.
Dr. Martin Sands is the founder of Dermatology Associates and has been in private practice since 1976. He’s been serving this area since 1986. Dr. Sands is interested in all aspects of Dermatology but he has a […]

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