Things Learned From A Family Road Trip

Here is a sampling of some things I learned from this year’s family trip:

  1. Nuts make great snacks for kids in the van (protein and fat makes them feel fuller longer)
  2. A DVD player is nice in the van
  3. It takes roughly two good nights of sleep to recover from driving across the country
  4. The cheapest gas is in the plain states
  5. It takes my hubby and boys about 40 minutes to change a tire
  6. I can stand kids fighting in the van for approximately 45 seconds
  7. I can talk on the phone AND surf the ‘net at the same time with my smartphone
  8. Two teenage boys in the way back watching movies on their ipods will seem like they are not even there – unless something is funny
  9. Kids eat from boredom too – just like us
  10. Little girls learn quickly that they can get the van stopped if they say they “have to go”
  11. It’s not a good idea to let a two year old out of your sight when paying for coffee – even for 5 seconds…they tend to do damage
  12. Time zone changes are difficult even when you are driving through them – takes more time to adjust as you age maybe?
  13. I hate driving at night
  14. There’s no place like home!
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