Opportunity To Review Dragon

You’ve seen me talk about Dragon Naturally Speaking on this blog over the last several weeks. This is some software that I am really excited about as I feel that using this software would really increase my productivity.
I have taken several steps toward being able and ready to use this software. I just […]

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Remember Our Plumbing Issue?

Not sure if you all will remember, but about a week before we left for our trip, our outgoing sewer pipe collapsed and we had some big-time sewer problems. We were not able to fix anything before we left, so we returned to this continuing problem.
At this writing, our plumbing has been completely disconnected […]

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Do Vegas In Style

I was just briefly in Vegas for the first time a few days ago as we drove through it. We were in a bit of a hurry so we did not spend any time sight seeing so I would like to go back at some point and see the town properly.
Vegas Chill is a […]

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Things Learned From A Family Road Trip

Here is a sampling of some things I learned from this year’s family trip:

Nuts make great snacks for kids in the van (protein and fat makes them feel fuller longer)
A DVD player is nice in the van
It takes roughly two good nights of sleep to recover from driving across the country
The cheapest gas is in […]

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