Slowly But Surely…

We are in Des Moines!

Travel is going slower than expected.  We had our second flat tire on the trailer on a mountain pass about 30 miles before getting to Denver last night.  Hubby and the boys changed it in the dusky twilight and we drove on the spare to Denver where we bought another tire.  We ate a quick supper and hopped back on the interstate.  Ended up driving in shifts and then finally sleeping for a few hours in a rest area and then I drove us out of Colorado and across Nebraska til the gas station we are filling up at as I write this.  Hubby is taking the next driving shift and hopefully that will end us up at home.  We’re about five hours out now.

On the trojan front…My system is still limping along.  I haven’t been able to solve anything with my dial up connection on the road.  Figuring out how to clean out my computer will be one of my first priorities when we are home and unpacked.

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