Attracting Birds with Attractive Bird Feeders

My mom has always been a “birder” who loves both hiking and watching wild birds and also attracting birds to her yard. I grew up learning about birds from her, but then didn’t really pay much attention to this until a few years ago when Sarah and Ruthie suddenly became interested in birds.

My mom jumped right in and bought them some good birding books, gave them some binoculars, and we have been slowly collecting a bird feeder collection in our backyard. My favorite window where I sit on my computer has a shepherd’s hook where we hang a bird feeder so that we can watch the birds. This is always something the kids love to do – especially on sunny winter mornings. We have gradually gotten more discerning about our bird feeders as we’ve spent more time feeding birds. We started with WalMart specials…but now I admit that I like the more unique and special feeders that you can find at specialty stores. I especially like this squirrel-proof feeder because we have some very pesky squirrels who don’t give up on bird food easily. I love this feeder. It’s called a Perky-Pet™ Fortress® Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder and I would hang this feeder from my favorite hanger in a second. It has a squirrel proof weighted system and click-on weather guards so I think this would work perfectly for our needs. I think I’m going to order one of these when I get home!

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