Tekkie Odds and Ends

Well…all-in-all I’m pretty happy with how my plans for staying connected while away have gone. I have been able to use my phone as a modem to have internet connection on my laptop while we have been driving. This has made it possible to continue to blog and do all of the things […]

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Dino's Amazing Hits!

Any Dean Martin fans reading?
Here’s a great deal for a set called Martin at the Sands. This set includes 48 great hits including: ‘That’s Amore’, ‘Volare’, ‘Return To Me’, ‘Cha ChaCha d’Amour’, ‘Young And Foolish’, ‘Memories Are Made Of This’ and ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’. These hits are full of memories […]

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More Pics Yet!

More pictures to share…these were from a swim party we went to while in Tucson.

Isaiah and Michael in the pool

They played and played and played!

Abby being a bit more timid.

She did finally get in, though!

Ruthie is anything BUT timid in the pool!

Once she was in, Abby had a blast!

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Losing Weight – What's Your Way?

There must be thousands of weight loss methods, out there. There sure seems to be something for everyone – however they choose to lose their weight. Many people decide to go the diet pill route. I have never tried this, so I don’t know how effective or prudent it is…but I know […]

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Weight Loss Struggles and Options

A homeschool mom I know has been struggling to lose her most recent baby weight for several months and is beginning to get frustrated. A few weeks ago she told me she was at the point of trying something like alli to get herself jumpstarted. I admit that I don’t know anything about […]

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Heading EAST!

After spending two days in St. George, Utah, we are finally packing up today ad heading home.  We plan a small stop in Grand Junction to visit with friends for dinner tonight…but after that we are MAKING TRACKS.
As a aside…hubby and I LOVED St. George.  The climate is perfect and this city is very nice.  […]

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