Dragon Has So Many Uses

Type at $150 Words Per Minute for $99! Does that interest you? I know it got my attention right away. Any tool I could use that would make me more effective and would increase the quality and quantity of my blog posts is something I find myself wanting to try very much. […]

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I Can't Believe I Forgot to Tell You About Our Miracle Berries!

Have you heard of Miracle Berries? Those Africa berries that coat your taste buds and make everything you eat for several hours after eating one sweet?
I found out about these last spring, but they were so expesive that I put off buying any. Finally I decided to get some before we left for […]

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Dr. Martin Sands – Dermatology Associates

If you are anywhere near the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, then perhaps you are familiar with Martin Sands.
Dr. Martin Sands is the founder of Dermatology Associates and has been in private practice since 1976. He’s been serving this area since 1986. Dr. Sands is interested in all aspects of Dermatology but he has a […]

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It's 1:10 AM and…

…we are sitting at a police checkpoint several miles outside of Hoover Dam. I didn’t really think we looked that threatening in our big blue bus…but apparently they stop every vehicle and search before they are allowed to proceed to Hoover Dam.
Hubby had to let them in into the trailer and also had to […]

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Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker is a television show based on the novels of Terry Goodkind. This show will premiere as a two-hour special on the weekend of November 1st. For information about times and channels please see:
This popular show combines elements of fantasy, adventure, magic, mystery and romance complete with a New Zealand […]

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A Few More Pictures

I am slowly working my way through my pictures so thought I would share a few more with you as I go through them.

Isaiah At Church

Another Isaiah Picture

Abby eating at the dance

Sarah at the dance

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Travel Gadgetry Galore

I love gadgets…always have and probably always will. As technology has progressed, my gadgetry has progressed right along with it, I’m afraid. I’ve been having a blast over the last few years growing quite a healthy gadget collection that has provided my family and I with hours of entertainment for the most part.
This […]

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