EC Droppers Beware!

So…I’m happily cruising along making good time with my dropping this morning when all of a sudden everything came to a shrieking halt.
My Kaspersky started wigging out telling me that a trojan was detected. The next thing I knew they were restricting access to a website I had tried to open and it had […]

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WM Recordings – Find Great Free Music Here!

I love finding sources for free music on the internet…and I just found a new one this morning, so I’m very excited!
WM Recordings is an online record label located in the Netherlands. Back in 2004 they began releasing music for free under a Creative Commons license.
Fast forward to now and they are excited […]

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Some Sad News

We received some sad news this evening.  I was talking to my parents and catching up with various things that have happened since we’ve been gone.
My mom mentioned an accident that happened in our town and was wondering if the driver of the car was someone Daniel might know.  Unfortunately, yes…Daniel was well acquainted with […]

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Photo Cards From Vista

Looking for some inexpensive, yet high quality Photo Cards this year? Who isn’t, right?
If you have never tried Vista Print, then you don’t know what you are missing. It couldn’t be easier to order exactly what you want and you will be so pleased with what arrives in your mailbox in short order. […]

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