Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Wordless Wednesday – a great time to catch up on pictures!

Sarah at a rest area.

Abby and Ruthie

A rare event – caught hubby unaware!

Abby blowing off steam.

Ruthie at the rest area.

All three girls.

One more of Abby.

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Great Gift Idea!

Do you have hard to buy for women on your gift-giving list this year? You know…the woman who doesn’t really NEED anything and who pretty much buys herself anything she might happen to want? They can be so hard to find a great gift for.
Here’s a great idea!
C’elle is a revolutionary service that […]

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Thought For Today

Contentment is a great virtue. The interesting thing about contentment is that it may not attract one’s attention at first, though. Those who really are content are usually quiet about it.
It is pleasant to be around them because they are peaceful and generous.

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Dragon For The Busy Blogger

I’m back with a little more information about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. You remember the software that enables you to create written material at the speed you speak? Most people speak at about 150 words per minute – so obviously this is a huge leap from the average typing speed. This is […]

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And So Ends…

…our 19th Festival of Tabernacles!  It was an amazing Feast…filled with God’s spirit and abundant blessings.
We are going to hang out here at our hotel for a few more days.  Hubby wants to change the oil on the van and take the kids hiking at Saguaro National Forest.
As for me…I’m going to take my time […]

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