Free Images For Bloggers

I just found a site that promises to be one of a blogger’s best friends. It is a site that enables you to hotlink to free hosted images on your blog. I signed up for it (took about a minute) and it could not be easier to search, choose, and hotlink to images […]

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Lots of Dancing!

We had a lot of fun at the family dance yesterday evening.  All of the kids danced  –  they had some special selections of songs just for kids.  You know…locomotion, chicken dance, hokey pokey…that stuff that they love.  They also had line dancing and a nice variety of all other kinds of music so there […]

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The Academy of Music Performance Teaches Violin and Viola At Home

As homeschoolers who believe that music is an important and vital part of a well-rounded education, we are interested in exploring different options for music education. I teach my children piano, but we also like them to choose at least one other instrument in addition to the piano.
Our public school system does not include […]

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Family Dance Tonight

As I write this the girls are all coiffed. Girls sure are a lot more difficult to get ready for a dance than boys! I have done three little heads of hair – four if you count my own. All up-dos. Sarah is off because there is a line dancing lesson […]

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Quality Steel Products in Houston

Petro Wire & Steel is the leading steel supplier in Houston, Texas. They have extensive experience in specialty steel products for a variety of uses, including petrochemical, architectural, construction, agriculture, mining and marine industries.
Petro is also considered the leading source for wire mesh, steel wire cloth, perforated metal, expanded metal, bar grating and fiberglass […]

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