What Do You Think of Vegas?

The closest I’ve been to Las Vegas was Reno several years ago. I didn’t like Reno all that much, but from what I’ve heard Las Vegas has some beautiful aspects to it. I don’t know that I would enjoy all of the over-the-top glitz…but I’ve heard that if you go out a little […]

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Who Knew We Were Such Geeks?

I can’t believe how many gadgets are in our van right now. Let’s see…we have:

My laptop
My smart phone
3 mp3 players
Daniel’s Ipod
Other regular cell phones
Various charging devices
My DC/AC power source for gadgets in the van
CD player
DVD player
Abby’s leapster
Portable Nintendo stuff for the boys

We have always had our share of electronic stuff as we travel, but […]

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Soundsbox For Mp3 Downloads

My family has definitely learned a thing or two about how to download music since the first mp3 player that we purchased about three years ago. I was actually the first to get one – even before any of my teenagers! Now Daniel has a really snazzy iPod, David has a nice mP3 […]

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Getting Closer

Coming to you now from right around the New Mexico/Arizona stateline. Everyone is traveling well. Isaiah is being a real little trouper. Folks are getting a little tired of the van, but that is to be expected. I hesitate to say that all has been smooth and uneventful…because things declined rather […]

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