Card Processing with First Data

Do you have a merchant account or do you need to figure out how to set one up?
This is a necessary part of creating an online business, so if you have any plans of starting a business on the internet, this is something you will be needing to do so that you can take customer […]

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Thought For Today

Offer Up
Let go of forcing or expecting others to receive what you think they should take. Maybe it’s an idea, opinion, or even an opportunity you think they should accept. You can’t make anyone take anything.
Offer humbly and gently. Offer and then let go and retreat. You’ll be surprised how much more others […]

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Learning About 1031 Exchanges

I learned something new today…it was about 1031 Exchanges. Allow me to share.
There is a provision of the Federal Income Tax Code that allows both companies and individuals to exchange property of a like-kind without incurring any liability.
An exchange of this kind does not involve cash exchange. So it would be unfair for the […]

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Well…It Really Doesn't Get Any More Major Than This…

Thought I would update on our sewer problems…
We found out last night that the worst possible situation has indeed occurred. Our sewer line leading out of the house and to the street has indeed fractured and every drop of water that we either send down a drain or flush down a toilet comes back […]

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Let Journeylite Help You

Finding the best lap-band doctor who will fit your needs and take good care of you is imperative if you are considering lap band surgery.
Let Journeylite help you through this process. JourneyLite offers a complete weight-loss surgery program that will help you accomplish every step with confidence. First, they will help you evaluate […]

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First Kelvin Picture

Well…this happy Grammie finally got to feast her eyes on the first picture of Kelvin that’s been sent my way.
Isn’t he beautiful?  I love-love-love that I can hoot and holler about how gorgeous he is…isn’t that a Grammie’s perogative?
I cannot wait until Friday when we are there!
Lora and Kelvin go home tomorrow!

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