How To Buy Eyeglasses Wisely

Being faced with buying eyeglasses for more than one child who needs them, I am a huge fan of finding good prices and discounts when at all possible. This can be very challenging, however, because kids know what they want and often won’t settle for less.
I love it when we can all be happy. […]

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Kraft M&C's Beginning

That American staple that so many kids for generations have been raised on. The blue and yellow box…
Any idea where it began? I was just doing some reading and happened upon the story of it’s beginning and have to share!
Kraft originally made real cheese. The company wanted to market a low cost, easily […]

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Need Auto Body Work?

Finding a reputable and qualified auto body shop is not easy. Why not make it a little faster and simpler? Did you know that you can see maps, reviews, and ratings of body shops that are local to your area? For example, if you performed a search you might find all […]

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Dance Begins!

I don’t think I ever updated about our dance situation after I told you all about our situation with needing a discount and asking for one from the owner of the local dance school we use.
Well…as it turns out…we already knew this but…GRANDPARENTS ROCK!
Both sets of grandparents are sharing in the expenses this year and […]

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Great Deals for Electronics

Here’s a tip for anyone in the market for electronics who doesn’t want to spend any more than they have to. This is pretty much everyone, right?
A great place for online discount shopping for a variety of different electronics, including discount hdtvs, Plasma TVs, and LCD TVs from great brands like Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, […]

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