Opportunity To Review Dragon

You’ve seen me talk about Dragon Naturally Speaking on this blog over the last several weeks. This is some software that I am really excited about as I feel that using this software would really increase my productivity.
I have taken several steps toward being able and ready to use this software. I just […]

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Remember Our Plumbing Issue?

Not sure if you all will remember, but about a week before we left for our trip, our outgoing sewer pipe collapsed and we had some big-time sewer problems. We were not able to fix anything before we left, so we returned to this continuing problem.
At this writing, our plumbing has been completely disconnected […]

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Do Vegas In Style

I was just briefly in Vegas for the first time a few days ago as we drove through it. We were in a bit of a hurry so we did not spend any time sight seeing so I would like to go back at some point and see the town properly.
Vegas Chill is a […]

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Things Learned From A Family Road Trip

Here is a sampling of some things I learned from this year’s family trip:

Nuts make great snacks for kids in the van (protein and fat makes them feel fuller longer)
A DVD player is nice in the van
It takes roughly two good nights of sleep to recover from driving across the country
The cheapest gas is in […]

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Baby Slings Are Good for Baby and Parents!

It took me several babies, but I did discover the wonderful benefits of baby wearing with my newborns. The bottom line is that most newborns need the security and comfort of being held for most of the time during their first few months. This can be difficult for parents…especially when there are older […]

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Made It!

We made it home last night by a little after midnight.  Managed to pull all of the sleeping kids from the van, tuck them in, get just the electronics unloaded then and we crashed as well.  Today has been one of those days…kind of going around in circles because there is so much chaos everywhere.
But […]

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Attracting Birds with Attractive Bird Feeders

My mom has always been a “birder” who loves both hiking and watching wild birds and also attracting birds to her yard. I grew up learning about birds from her, but then didn’t really pay much attention to this until a few years ago when Sarah and Ruthie suddenly became interested in birds.
My mom […]

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Slowly But Surely…

We are in Des Moines!
Travel is going slower than expected.  We had our second flat tire on the trailer on a mountain pass about 30 miles before getting to Denver last night.  Hubby and the boys changed it in the dusky twilight and we drove on the spare to Denver where we bought another tire.  […]

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Promises Drug Rehab

California drug rehab is the place where hope and healing begin. At the Promises Rehab Center their mission is to provide a pathway to sobriety for anyone who needs it. With this accomplished one can move on accomplishing other dreams.
This is a mission they take very seriously.

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I Love Entrecard, but…

…yes, there is a BUT.
First, I’ll just say that through EC I have had the pleasure of finding some very cool blogs that I would not have found, I’m sure. I’ve also succeeded in driving a nice amount of traffic to my blogs. So…these are good things.
In the past several weeks I have […]

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