Thought For Today

Remain Positive
If my mind is still and quiet I will be able to see the deeper meaning behind every situation. No matter how bad a problem may seem, if I am able to stay positive, eventually I will see that there is a reason for everything and the big picture can […]

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Makes Blogging Faster and Easier

OK busy bloggers. This one is just for you.
I know how hard it can be to fit your blogging pursuits into everything else you have going on in your life. Believe me…I know! It’s a constant struggle being obsessed with your precious blog(s), isn’t it?
I just found out about the coolest software […]

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If You Were a DVD…

…where would you hide?
Apparently it’s not only spoons in my house.  We have two library DVDs that have simply disappeared into thin air.  Yesterday the kids and I spent hours deep cleaning the entire first floor of the house.  Everything is so nice and clean now…but we still don’t have those pesky DVDs.
I am just […]

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Time To Replace the Old Cutlery Set

We have a mysterious situation occurring in our household lately…actually in our kitchen to be precise. It’s a very frustrating mystery involving the disappearance of…SPOONS! Of all things! I would really like to know where all of my spoons are wandering off to. It’s not just teaspoons mind you…but the soup […]

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Online Web Design Course Links

Several weeks ago, I promised Sassy Mama Bear some links that I had found to online web design courses that I have found. I thought that there might be other readers who would like to have these, so here they are!
Online Web Design Course: 100% FREE online web design course. This would be […]

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Comodo Introduces Trusted Internet

Right after Daniel got his desktop PC, he was big into all of the major PC magazines. He would spend hours reading up on the latest and best recommendations from the experts for all of the different software applications that one would use.
One such recommendation I remember he was very enthused about was for […]

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One Week Later – We're Still Waiting On Kelvin

Well…after another week of contractions, Lora had her 38 Week OB appointment this afternoon. Yesterday evening she had quite a lot of contractions in her back and went to bed thinking it might just be “it”…but alas she woke up still pregnant. How well I remember those days!
She just called me and she […]

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Visit Las Vegas For a Great Golf Vacation!

Hey Golfers! I have a hot tip for you today. Walter’s Golf Courses and their Las Vegas Golf courses are calling you!
This is fast becoming one of the best places to golf in the US and there are plenty of reasons why. First of all…there is so much to choose from.
Take […]

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How's Your First Grader Doing?

If there’s one thing that homeschooling has made abundantly clear…children are all different!  You just can’t generalize with early learners as they are all at different levels.  I’ve had voracious readers who were teaching themselves at age 3 1/2 and I’ve had a couple that needed a little extra…erm…encouragement.  You just can’t lump them!
Right now […]

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David's New Outlook

I can’t tell you how happy David has been since we finally let him ditch the glasses and get contact lenses. He’d been asking for a while and we had been putting him off…thinking he wasn’t ready for the commitment to caring for something like this. But finally last spring I decided to […]

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