Baby Slings Are Good for Babies and Moms

I am a huge promoter of baby slings. In fact, whenever someone I know is expecting a baby, my very favorite gift to give is a baby sling of some kind. Baby wearing is just the best way to get through those difficult newborn months! It wasn’t until Isaiah was a very needy preterm newborn that I really became sold on the benefits of baby wearing and now I promote it whenever possible.

Baby slings can get very pricey, though. When Isaiah was a tiny baby, I was a member of a baby wearing forum and it was a little extreme! I could hardly believe the amount of money some of those women would spend on wraps! They would have what they called a “stash” and they would easily have hundreds of dollars worth of wraps in their stashes.

I am more frugal by nature. I love nice things…but I am just too used to pinching pennies, I guess. That’s why when I found out about HugaMonkey baby slings I was immediately interested. They are simple and affordable. Whether you are in the “wearing your baby” stage yourself, or are looking for a baby gift this is a great site to check out.

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