Freshwater Pearls For Me!

I received a very special package in the mail today. My freshwater pearls from Pearl Paradise were delivered by UPS. I sat right down and opened the package. When I opened the carefully wrapped box I was delighted to see the beautiful strand of pearls nestled safely inside the black box. […]

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Too Much Bike Ride

I just had to share. Last week hubby took the kids on a bike ride and Isaiah hung in there as long as he could before passing out. Isn’t this just so cute?

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Baby Slings Are Good for Babies and Moms

I am a huge promoter of baby slings. In fact, whenever someone I know is expecting a baby, my very favorite gift to give is a baby sling of some kind. Baby wearing is just the best way to get through those difficult newborn months! It wasn’t until Isaiah was a […]

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Uses for Duct Tape

Ready for this? Who knew there were so many uses of Duct Tape?!?

Temporarily hem your pants
Remove lint from clothing
Reseal chip bags
Tape a secret car key
Catch pesky flies
Replace a shower curtain grommet
Repair a vacuum hose
Reinforce book binding
Cover a book
Repair a photo frame
Make a toy sword

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Our Little Town Grows

Our little town is slowly growing. When we first moved here 15 years ago there were a few “mom & pop” restaurants, a bowling alley, and one grocery store. Slowly but surely over the years one franchise after another has opened here in town.
We now have a McDonalds, a Subway, a Dollar General, […]

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Thought For Today

Remain Positive
If my mind is still and quiet I will be able to see the deeper meaning behind every situation. No matter how bad a problem may seem, if I am able to stay positive, eventually I will see that there is a reason for everything and the big picture can […]

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