David's New Outlook

I can’t tell you how happy David has been since we finally let him ditch the glasses and get contact lenses. He’d been asking for a while and we had been putting him off…thinking he wasn’t ready for the commitment to caring for something like this. But finally last spring I decided to […]

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What Will Go UP Next?

UGH – the expenses just keep going up. It seems like every time we turn around lately we are getting a notice in the mail that something is going up. Next, I fear it will be our car insurance premium. I know my husband shops around for the best deals…so […]

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Dream Vacation?

Have you done any dreaming lately? About vacations?
I have vacations on my mind right now because we are less than three weeks out from our annual road trip. I wouldn’t exactly say this is my “dream” vacation, however. No…thousands of miles stuck in a van with 7 kids and a grumpy husband […]

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Guess What I Got In The Mail?

I can hardly believe what I received in the mail on Friday…
…from the county in which I live…
…can you guess…?
I got a Juror Questionnaire!!!!!
Yikes! Me! 41 years old and this is the first time my name has come to the top of the Juror pool!
It’s basically a two page demographic questionnaire. I […]

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Keepin' It Simple

I believe in simplicity. So much so that I have actually attempted to create a life that reflects everything about simplicity. It is that important to me…because when things are complicated you lose touch with the things that are truly important. And I don’t want to do this.
This is one reason why, […]

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