Beads of Cambay Beads Are Exquisite

A whole new world has recently opened up for me. In my wanderings around the internet (dropping Entrecards) I have discovered some of the most amazing blogs belonging to some of the most amazing artists! They make exquisite jewelry that I didn’t even know existed…let alone could be made by human hands. […]

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Thought For Today

Be Content
Wherever I am is wherever I am meant to be.
Whatever I am doing is whatever I am meant to be doing.
Whatever everyone else is doing is exactly what they are meant to be doing.
This is contentment.
If you do decide you want to change…believe it or not, the first step is to be content […]

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A Breitling Quartz For My Husband

We have our annual fall festivals coming up in less than a month and I am busily preparing for this high time of the year. One thing we traditionally do is exchange gifts, so I have been doing an extra amount of shopping lately. I have most of the kids’ gifts chosen and […]

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Tip For Breastfeeding Moms

As we are currently dealing with our first colds of the season, I thought I would share a remedy for ear infections that is virtually guaranteed to work.
At the first sign of ear infection, place several (3-4) drops of expressed breastmilk into the affected ear.  Repeat this a couple of times a day for 2 […]

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Upgrading To A Memory Foam Mattress

Our current mattress is about 10 years old. I do not have the current recommendations for mattress life, but I suspect we are over what is considered optimal age for a mattress.
This is why I am thinking more and more that it might be time to consider a new mattress. I’ve heard a […]

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Sickies Are Moving On Up…

Well…I’m sorry to say that the sickies are moving up in reverse chronological order.  Isaiah was first, then Abby last night, now Ruthie this morning.
We are quite bummed out about the fact that we are under the weather because the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS outside and tomorrow we had a field trip to the Apple […]

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