VistaPrint Is a Great All-Around Printing Service

Vista Print has just gotten even better! How you may ask? Well…they have just introduced some amazing coupon codes that will give customers an even bigger discount upon their already low prices. It just doesn’t get any better than this if you need to place just about any kind of print order.
The […]

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My Poor Little Guy

Warning…whining ahead…
We don’t do “sick” well in our house.  Know why?  Because basically we’re so darn healthy that when we do get under the weather we just are not used to it!  I attribute this to God’s blessings and our diet.  We don’t eat processed or refined foods really at all…and over the years as […]

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Pearl Jewelry is My Favorite

I am a pearl lover. I think I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in the past. Anyway, I just found a great online source for high quality pearl jewelry that can be purchased for more than 70% off the price that you would find at a retail store.
Shopping for beautiful pearl jewelry […]

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Thought For Today

The ability to enjoy one’s own company is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Learning to turn thoughts away from all responsibilities at the day’s end and take one’s mind to a state of peace will enable you to carry greater and greater loads without it feeling like a burden.
Fill yourself with […]

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Let Your Dog Show Which Candidate They Support

Has your dog picked their presidential candidate yet? Seems like everyone I talk to has…I’m not sure about furry critters, though. Maybe they take a little longer to mull it over.
Well…as soon as your pooch picks their guy, head over to to get them their very own political doggie toy so that they […]

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I Need A Party Dress

I haven’t bought a new dress for myself in years. In fact, I think the last new dress I got was my “Mother of the Bride” dress before Lora’s wedding. Well…I need a new dress…but this time I don’t want to spend quite as much. In fact, I’d love it if I […]

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Dreaming of an RV Road Trip?

Now that both of my parents are technically “semi-retired” I’m beginning to hear a rumble here and there about buying an RV and taking off for extended road trips. Of course, they have two very coddled cats and I’m not sure how they fit into these plans…and I know my mom will not do […]

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