Internet Safety is Every Parent's Responsibility

My three older children all spend a fair amount of time on the internet…supervised of course. I absolutely hate the fact that the internet can’t be a place that can be trusted to provide safe and acceptable entertainment or information. This is true for anyone using the internet, of course…however as a parent […]

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Thought For Today


If you limit the love you give to just the people who are most precious to you…it will eventually become stale. Instead, strive to show and give love to everyone around you.  By doing so, love will multiply and be present everywhere in your life.
Love grows when it is fed.

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Diamond Bay Investments

Are you looking for an investment opportunity with a high margin of return with a low margin of risk? Who isn’t right?
Here’s something to consider. It’s called trust deed investing. With this investment, you will get a 12% return rate on high yield first trust deeds and hard money lending systems. This […]

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Kid-Safe Chemicals Act

The US’s toxic chemical regulatory law (called The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)) is in drastic need of reform. Passed in 1976 and still in its original form, TSCA is commonly regarded as the weakest of all major environmental laws.
When passed, the Act declared 62,000 chemicals that were already on the market safe. Since […]

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Great Site for Sports Lovers!

I just found a neat sports website that I am going to pass on to my sports-loving teenage boys. I am sure they are going to love it…so I thought I’d share it here as well. It’s called Sportsviews. It’s brand new on the sports scene and boy does it have a […]

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