I Can't Believe I Did This…


I actually rode a roller coaster. And not just a little one either. I rode Raging Bull! It was not my idea, mind you. I typically stay as far away from coasters as I can. This day my darling husband decided that I had to ride HIS favorite roller coaster and took it upon himself to escort me through the line and up to the queue for the very first car. What a sweetheart! LOL…Unfortunately, I hated every second of it…but I did it nonetheless! It’s been way over 20 years since I’ve been on a coaster like that. I really did like them once…

We had a blast though. The weather was “iffy” and threatening early this morning and I think that scared a lot of people off. The lines were nonexistent and all of the kids rode to their hearts’ content.

Isaiah rode 2 different roller coasters and did great. On one other ride as we were going around and around he actually said “I love this!” It was so cute.

Quick story: The first ride we did was called “River Rocker” and was a great big Viking Ship that rocked back and forth back and forth. If you watched from the ground it looked pretty mild. So…I decided to take Ruth, Abby, and Isaiah on it. Ru sat by herself and I sat between Abby and Isaiah. In reality, this ride was not at all like it appeared from the ground. The “going down” part was unbelievably freaky. I felt like screaming myself! The ride started and Abby immediately started screaming and crying. Her crying only escalated throughout the whole ride and she was a mess by the time it was over. Isaiah on the other side of me…I could tell he wasn’t exactly enjoying the ride…but it was almost like he just decided he had to grit his teeth and tough it out. When the ride finally started slowing down, he immediately said “OFF.” “OFF.”

We had fun, though! Great memories!

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