The ONE Item…

Oh, this is a tough one. Assuming that we are only talking about inanimate objects and nothing living is included in this, what one object on this earth would I choose to bring with to a new planet if Earth were destroyed? Wow – you could come at this from many different angles.
I […]

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Allergies are the Pits!

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?
I have had varying degrees of seasonal allergies for most of my life. Some years seem to be better than most and unfortunately, this summer seems to be shaping up to be one of the more miserable summers for me.
Maybe it’s been all the rain we’ve had. I […]

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Party Invitations

We do not celebrate Halloween, but we do love a great party. Who doesn’t?
If you are planning on throwing a bash this fall, then perhaps you are already thinking ahead to the Halloween invitations that you are going to need to send out.
Make them unique and different this year! Send something out that […]

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Thought For Today

One of the mightiest forms of courage is the ability to face one’s own negativity without feeling guilty and then going on to take responsibility for changing it.
To begin this process, it is necessary to first reflect on the things I care about most. This gives me a glimpse of my what is “good.” […]

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Enjoying Our Favorite Disney Movies in a Whole New Way

I love classic Disney. I like some of the newer Disney, too…but my very favorite Disney movies are the older classics. There’s just nothing like that original animation and the storylines.
Here are our household family favorites – in no particular order (although Cinderella is definitely my number one fav):

Little Mermaid
Pooh’s […]

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Get Cooking!

Hey All!
I have a kitchen full of Cuisinart appliances – they are my countertop appliance of choice simply because I use my kitchen appliances VERY HARD. When you have a family the size we have, there is a lot of cooking that is involved and I really put my appliances to the test. […]

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Learn to Play the Piano or Guitar Online with SongPond

Music is a big part of our family’s life. All of our children have learned instruments and they have all started out on the piano.
I am always eager and interested in trying new things as far as learning techniques go. I happen to be kinda geeky…so if it incorporates learning, technology, and music […]

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Humming Right Along Here

I got so much done today for school prep.
First, I shopped and bought everything that we were still needing, so our school room is totally and completely stocked and ready to go.
Secondly, I cleaned and reorganized the schoolroom so that everything is neat and tidy.
Third, I worked on school copies and finished organizing Daniel’s curriculum.
I […]

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