In Praise of "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons"

Yes…I’ve definitely got schooling on my mind these days!
Does anyone else cringe when they think about teaching a child to read? For years I have dreaded the schoolyears when I had a child ready to be taught to read. I’m not sure why…but the process of teaching a child to read is one […]

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Are You Needing a Spa Day?

Is life crazy for you? Women juggle so many things these days that often they find themselves LAST on the “To Do” list without any spare time for themselves. This has led many women to look for “quick fixes” at day spas and even medical spas sometimes. There are so many reasons […]

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I still need to do before school starts in a week and a half!
1.  Finish making school copies
2.  Receive the rest of the curriculum I ordered for Daniel
3.  Look through and organize said curriculum
4.  Finish organizing the art materials I bought for the school year
5.  Finish up two lessons with Ruthie
6.  Buy Ruthie […]

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