Birth Announcements I Made

Lora asked me to work on a birth announcement for Kelvin so I thought I would share the various things I came up with. I haven’t scrapped in a long time! I forgot how much I really enjoy scrapping.

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Watch Your Veggies!

Have you been introduced to the Sproutwells yet? No? Well…below is a little introduction for you. The Sproutwells are a typical fruit and veggie family living among humans. They stay busy trying to fit into the human world. Sound fun? It is – you gotta love that little dog…I think […]

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Thought For Today

A Loving World
Think about yourself as a mirror. A loving person can live in a loving world. A hostile person gets to live in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is mirrors you.

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Morey’s Piers – The Best Amusement Park in New Jersey

One of these summers we ARE going to make it a priority to take a vacation on the east coast. Living in the Midwest, I have never been to the New England area or anywhere on the eastern seaboard except for Florida…and that doesn’t count! I really want to travel to the New […]

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Tackle It Tuesday

Here’s What I’m Working On Today:

Scrubbed Utility Room Floor
Supper Made
Working on something special for Ava and Kelvin
Worked Out
Playdate this afternoon

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Real Estate in Florida

Every year we think about snow-birding to somewhere warm like Florida. Winters where we live are harsh…last year was especially difficult on us with just the sheer brute relentlessness of the cold and snow. One of these years, my husband is just going to say he’s had enough!
The idea of looking at some […]

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I Finally Upgraded to Firefox 3!

So…it’s a well-known fact about me that I am a total chicken. If there’s any unknown factor about a situation, I am an absolute wuss.
Case-in-point…upgrading to Firefox 3. It sounded so cool and I was so tempted to upgrade…but the unknown about various plug-ins I couldn’t do without was holding me back.
I finally […]

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