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Shorter links are good in the web world. Shorter links mean more manageable and memorable links that can make you money.

Revenue from ads is used to pay people who use Adjix to shorten links. Adjix is also an online ad network. When a person clicks on an Adjix link the user sees the original content with a small text ad at the top of the webpage. To learn more, see the Adjix F.A.Q. Tons of info here that will answer any question you have about how this works.

Press Release:

Media contact: Kerry Kerr, Director of Sales & Marketing, 760-444-0977

HOLD FOR RELEASE – 12:01 a.m. PDT August 19, 2008


(Carlsbad, CA) — Adjix, a new online advertising network, has created a powerful breakthrough that can be used to send links to friends and colleagues via email, in blog posts, and news articles. The Adjix service is ideally suited for newspapers, bloggers, and e-mail marketers.

Currently, when sending a link to a web page, the resulting link is often so long that it breaks off, thereby prohibiting the recipient from viewing the item. There are already several websites that shorten links, but Adjix has taken this free service a step further. When the the recipient opens the linked item, a tiny text ad appears at the top of every page. Here are two example ads:

Adjix Advertise with the Adjix ad network. Get paid to shrink a link.

iPod Basics Basic iPod accessories every owner should have.

“We are very excited to introduce Adjix to the newspaper publishing community. This product offers an innovative and unique way to increase revenue and improve results for both the company and its customers,” says Joe Moreno, founder and president of SMS Pal, Inc., the parent company of Adjix.

People who send links using Adjix (also known as “linkers”), will earn cash every time their link is viewed by an individual, and earn even more when the ad is “clicked through” to the advertiser’s website. New ads scroll into the top of each web page every 15 – 60 seconds, and can be customized to appear under specific categories, such as health and fitness, business, entertainment, et cetera. This allows advertisers to be more selective about when and where their message runs.

Using this service is inexpensive and easy. Adjix advertisers create a simple text ad and deposit a small fee in their account to get started. There is no cost to linkers to join the network. Both can set up their account in a matter of minutes. “This service will not only make the linking process more user friendly but also provide a great opportunity to expand business for newspapers, bloggers, and email marketers alike,” said Moreno.

For more information on Adjix and SMS Pal visit

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