100% Natural and Healthy

Our dessert for tonight!
The kids and I whipped this up and I just wanted to share with you how yummy it can be to eat healthy. Can you believe that this is 100% natural, unprocessed, and HEALTHY for you? It is made simply of fresh raspberries, peaches, blackberries, and blueberries…layered between generous layers […]

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Cabin Cuddlers Will Be Great for Our Road Trip!

We are coming up so fast on our annual road trip. I can hardly believe that we’ll be getting ready to leave in about six weeks. My typical preparation is done over the weeks leading up to our departure. I like to spread out my preparations and expenditures so that I can […]

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Household Fragrances Are Toxic!

We try so hard to do the best for our family day after day. This is why it is very disconcerting to discover that everyday products like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, soaps and cosmetics, air sanitizers, etc. contain carcinogenic chemicals and harmful substances.
There are many different kinds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in […]

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Trendy and Stylish Maternity Clothes

Lora was just telling me the other day how unbelievably sick and tired of all of her maternity clothes she is. I well remember getting to the point in a pregnancy that she is now and feeling the same way.
I’ll bet that someone who shopped at Kiki’s Fashions and stocked their maternity wardrobe with […]

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Wow – Summer is Really Almost Over!

Baseball is over…
Swim lessons ended today (Ruthie passed up to Level 4 – jumped two levels this summer, Michael stayed in Level 5)…
Band Camp is over…
And just now Daniel came in and told me that the pool’s tentative close date for the season is August 26!!!
Ugh…how can this be?????

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I'm Shopping Heavenly Couture For Cheap Back to School Clothing

With eight kids (seven still home) that I am in charge of clothing I freely admit that I get very creative when it comes to finding them the styles and looks they want at the prices I can afford. I don’t just shop for school clothing at the end of the summer…I shop all […]

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Thought For Today

Love is a powerful force. Watch it take us to great heights and allow us to feel light and airy.
At the same time, it has been the most abused and misused force…many negative things pass for love.
True love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect. This is not simply transient emotions. Love is […]

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