Help with Personal Bankruptcy

I was just reading about the escalation of personal bankruptcies as our US economy continues to flounder and sour. More and more people are starting to have some real financial trouble.
I hope this isn’t you! If you find yourself struggling on the brink of financial ruin, perhaps Richard S. Feinsilver can assist you. […]

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UGH – My turn…Trojans!

Somehow I contracted a Vunga Trojan last night.  Upon delving into the issue a little bit, more and more “STUFF” is showing up.  I have now FIRED Norton and am giving Kaspersky a try upon Daniel’s recommendation.  So far it is scanning and has found **seven** things that found their way in on Norton’s watch.
Let’s […]

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Order Up! For Nintendo Wii

Here’s a game that may be just perfect for mommies who own a Wii. It’s called Order up!
The game is all about cooking. Players must make dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, manage their cooktop stations and also manage assistant chefs in the kitchen. This game is said to be fast, intuitive and highly […]

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My Bluetooth Headset Came Yesterday!

I’m pretty excited. I ordered a plum-colored headset that came yesterday. Daniel happened to be around so I asked him if he would help me get my devices “paired.” He fooled around with it for a little bit and then gave up when it wasn’t working like it was supposed to.
I decided […]

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