New Urban Comic Book Series

I just found out about a new issue of an episodic action-adventure series calledC2 & Posse:Inner-City Heroes™. It is written by Anthony C. Fletcher, who is professional artist with tons of varied experience in different art-related fields. Anthony is just beginning to enter the world of graphic novels, and this first […]

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Up To Our Ears In…Corn!

Our local organic farm (same place we picked strawberries several weeks ago) is now in the middle of a GREAT sweet corn harvest. They were offering a discount to other homeschool families, so the kids and I went out there this morning and picked up 8 dozen ears.
Now, I’m just about to send them […]

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Easy Tool to Check for Plagiarism

Cutting and Pasting is so easy these days. In fact, I would venture to guess that it is rampant among many circles on the internet. If you are concerned about your content being reproduced, then checking for plagiarism may be something that you start doing.
According to what I’ve read, universities, colleges, and schools […]

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Thought For Today

Make This Moment Happy
If I make this moment happy the chances of the next moment being happy as well are increased. One moment leads to the next in a chain reaction of likeness. Strive to make your chain reactions positive.

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