Tabrio for Global Long Distance

With my daughter and her family living several states away, a good long distance plan is not just an extra, it’s a necessity. We talk every day and thanks to long distance we have manage to stay as close as we were when we all lived nearer each other.
If you also need to keep […]

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Bluetooth Woes

Nothing is ever as easy as it is supposed to be, is it? Especially if technology is involved (at least in my experience). My challenge and goal for today was to get my smartphone synced with my laptop…and I have no idea why it isn’t working.
Going to have to go get Daniel, I […]

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The Freelance Nation Brings Freelancers and Businesses Together

If you are a freelancer or are even considering entering this field, then definitely pay attention!
I just found a brand new website called The Freelance Nation that is an “umbrella website” for 119 freelance job boards. This means that this is a one-stop place for both freelancers and businesses alike.
Freelancers can peruse job listings […]

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Thought For Today

Our Thinking
Everything depends upon our thinking. If I think the right way I can be light. If I think in a negative way I’ll be heavy. Negative thoughts are dangerous. They waste my time.
Negative thoughts allow the past to come alive and then I forget the present and question the future.

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Help For Acne

Acne can be a debilitating and devastating condition that can have far reaching effects on someone’s life. It can destroy your confidence and self esteem and make it very difficult to succeed and feel able to achieve goals.
There are treatment options, though! Don’t be sidelined for life by something that can be treated. […]

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A Little Extra Help For Weight Loss

While I don’t personally advocate diet pills, there are many people who have utilized this approach for successful weight loss. If you are having a hard time motivating yourself to lose weight, perhaps there is a safe diet pill option that will help you succeed.
Please be sure to research carefully and choose something that […]

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How to REALLY Lose Weight

That eternal question that plagues most of us at one time or another: how to lose weight.
I’m happy to say that I think I have finally figured out this weight management thing once and for all. Since mid April I have been able to lose the rest of my lingering baby weight and […]

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David Pitches

Here is David pitching in a home game a few weeks ago. My first attempt uploading a slide show! I have lots of “burst” sequences that hubby has been taking, so there will probably be lots more slideshows to see!

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