This Was Supposed To Be A Surprise, But…

…I just can’t help myself! These are too cute and I’m excited!
I bought Ava and Kelvin little matching embroidered shirts. I was going to save them and give them to them when I visit in October, but I think I’m going to have to mail them instead.

I thought they would be so cute […]

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Do Your Part to Fight Rare Childhood Diseases

The Hailey’s Wish 2008 Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the Tijeras Creek Golf Club this year.
There will also be some great silent auction items for bidding on as well as some great raffle items at this event. This is a really neat fund raiser for an important cause. If you are […]

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Thought For Today

Be At Peace
A mother’s life is spent running after things and trying to get things done. It’s easy to forget that being comes before doing. The most successful people remember to “be.” They discover that when they stop and observe life often brings whatever is needed.
Learning to be is learning to be at peace.

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Introducing Muchos Fantastic

Hola! Have you heard of Muchos Fantastic? Neither had I…but I recently ran across this video and I thought I would share.
I know…he seems like a character…but he has a great heart! A portion of his profits goes to help support orphans worldwide. Check out his video and see what he’s […]

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How Many Toxins Are Your Children Getting Daily?

Here’s an unsettling fact:  Every day we are exposed to more than 123 chemicals through the skin and mouth — the vast majority of which have not been screened for safety by the FDA! They’re in your children’s personal care products as well.
Personal care products expose children to an average of 60 chemicals every day […]

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Finding a Job in Atlanta

My cousin and his family lived in Atlanta for several years and they seemed to have liked it down there. I would imagine it would be very useful to find assistance in locating the best Atlanta jobs if you are in that area. Anything that would streamline the job search process would be […]

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New Door Hardware

A few years ago we had to replace the door hardware on our side door and I was amazed at how difficult it was to choose the hardware we wanted. There was so much to choose from it was a little overwhelming. I wish I had known about Schlage before we made our […]

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I Can't Believe I Did This…

I actually rode a roller coaster. And not just a little one either. I rode Raging Bull! It was not my idea, mind you. I typically stay as far away from coasters as I can. This day my darling husband decided that I had to ride HIS favorite roller coaster […]

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Business Information in Tucson

Post removed at advertiser’s request.

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Big Day Coming…

My house is fairly buzzing…moreso than usual that is.
Tomorrow is Great America Day.  All of the kids are very, VERY excited.  As I type this they are busily humming around packing their things and doing general preparation for the big day tomorrow.
Of special note…Michael is finally tall enough for the wildest coasters…and…GET THIS…
Isaiah is tall […]

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